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How impact Domestic Violence in Childhood

Children are often the silent victims of domestic violence, whether they live in a home where it’s the norm or just experience it second-hand as they listen to their uncle yell at their aunt at a family dinner. According to UNICEF’s “Behind Closed Doors”:

“The single best predictor of children becoming either perpetrators or victims of domestic violence later in life is whether or not they grow up in a home where there is domestic violence. Studies from various countries support the findings that rates of abuse are higher among women whose husbands were abused as children or who saw their mothers being abused.”

The cycle is real. Children exposed to violence are more likely to be abusers or victims of violence. According to the Resource Center on Domestic Violence: Child Protection and Custody, 3.3 to 10 million children are exposed to adult domestic violence situations annually. Some researchers estimate that as many as one-third of children are exposed to intimate partner violence at some point during their childhood.

How is the cycle of domestic violence broken? It starts by teaching children that they aren’t responsible for the situation and that violence is not the norm. Being frightened at home is not normal. Children who experience domestic violence are often too scared to talk about it, so adults have to open the conversation.

Give Children Confidence

Talking to children about their experiences helps them learn to process their feelings and deal with problem situations. Books are a great way to open the door to dialogue on difficult issues. If your child is a victim of Domestic Violence, please contact us to schedule the first evaluation with one of our Mental Health Professionals, calling us at: (954)-280-2056. You are not alone, We are here to help you!!

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