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IV treatments

Why IV treatments?

The injectable route is the fastest way to deliver vital fluids, electrolytes, medications, and vitamins to the body, restoring hydration and optimal function.

In fact, intravenous fluid is absorbed directly into the bloodstream with 100% efficiency compared to oral intake, which is approximately 50-60% or less. An IV drip takes approximately 30-45 minutes and the effects are felt almost immediately!

Personalized Infusion

Give your body exactly what it needs. After undergoing our micronutrient evaluation, our medical team will be able to create the perfect infusion for your health goals. Optimizing your health is now easy with personalized infusion.

Clean up

Do you need to rehydrate quickly? Rebalance your body with fluids and electrolytes. Cleanse is our basic treatment for dehydration. It quickly rehydrates your body at the cellular level and replenishes essential minerals and electrolytes. It improves blood supply to vital organs while purifying your body of the daily chemicals it is exposed to.


Improve your productivity, maximize your potential and detoxify your body. Detox not only replenishes essential electrolytes while rehydrating your body, it also includes targeted vitamins to directly combat a variety of sources of discomfort. The detox treatment will help you recover from a hangover, exercise fatigue, an upset stomach, or a headache.

Migraine Relief

Lying in a dark room wishing you could chop your head off to ease the pain? Treatment of acute or abortive migraine is now possible. This intravenous treatment is excellent during acute migraine attacks and is designed to stop and relieve symptoms.

Sports Performance

Looking to recover quickly from your workout? Do you want to enhance your routines? Ready to recover and be ready before the competition? Our sports performance infusion was created by our doctors and former professional athletes to give you what you need!

Antioxidant Therapy

Oxygen is essential for life, but it is also a double-edged sword. Oxygen is capable of forming harmful molecules called “free radicals” that can be harmful to healthy cells in our body. This leads to aging, disease and disorders. Alive’s custom blend of fluids, electrolytes, and megadoses of vitamin C and glutathione help control these damaging free radicals.

Hangover Revival

Can’t get up from bed or the floor? Our Revival treatment is known as “deathbed” relief. This treatment is the best intravenous therapy to combat two different sources of discomfort with specialized medications, while also replenishing and rehydrating your body. With up to a double dose of fluids, as well as all three specialty medications and vitamin C, if you’re suffering both mentally and physically and need to be at the top of your game, this treatment will get you there and back where you belong. feet.

Immunity Boost

Feeling sick with a cold, sore throat, stuffy nose, runny nose, or body aches? Our team of medical professionals will get you back on your feet with this treatment.

Travelers Renaissance

Just flew into the US from Europe, the Far East, Australia, or other remote locations? With the time change, your body says, “What’s up?” It wants to eat when you tell it to sleep and sleep when you tell it to enjoy the day. Whether you’re traveling long distances for business or pleasure, Alive can help you get back on track.

Myers Cocktail

Invented by physician John Myers, the intravenous blend combines magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C to treat a wide range of clinical conditions. Ideal for:
migraines, fatigue, asthma, allergies, fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasms, chronic sinusitis and more.


NAD+ is an essential molecule found in every cell in your body. It is a coenzyme of vitamin B3 (niacin), which means that it is a small helper molecule that binds with a protein molecule to activate an enzyme. Enzymes are responsible for more than 5,000 different biochemical reactions in the body, and NAD+ participates in more reactions than any other vitamin-derived molecule.

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